BG Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning

Most diesel vehicles 2007 or newer have a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF).  If you drive a vehicle with a DPF, you're probably aware it requires a DPF regeneration process to keep the DPF clean, and it either passively or actively runs one every so often.  However, did you know a Diesel Particulate Filter can get clogged even if you run the regeneration as needed?  Many factors can contribute to this, and the most common sign that your DPF is clogged, is the DPF regeneration process running frequently. 

Eldons Automotive Repair is the only shop in the area that has the technology and know-how to completely clean your DPF and return it to factory specs.  With this service, you'll minimize your downtime and save fuel by decreasing the frequency and increasing the time between DPF regenerations.  You'll also save money on costly repairs or even full replacements of the DPF system that other shops think your vehicle needs.  

Most of the time, when your vehicle gets this bad, something else is causing your DPF to clog.  In addition to cleaning your DPF, we will service your engine to eliminate the cause of the problem, and ultimately restoring efficiency, power, and reliability.

DPF Cleaning