AFE Cold Air Intakes

Cold air intakes allow your engine to breath by moving the air filter inlet outside of the engine compartment. By doing this cooler air can be sucked into the engine for cumbustion. You will get increased power from the cooler air bringing more oxygen into the combustion chamber. Besides increased horsepower other benefits of cold air intakes include increased acceleration and improved gas mileage.

Custom Exhaust

Custom exhaust systems can increase torque and horsepower, help increase fuel efficiency and make your vehicle sound aggressive. We also offer replacement of stock exhaust systems that are quiet while still offering the benefits of an updated system. We offer the following exhaust systems, cat-back, header back and turbo back. From such brands as Jamo, MBRP, Expandit and AFE.

BG Fuel Treatment Products

BG DFC Plus® HP for high pressure common rail diesel engines provides excellent fuel system protection for the high temperatures and pressures of high pressure diesel systems.

HPCR diesel injection systems are designed to produce significantly more power with reduced emissions due to closer tolerances, improved injection metering and higher injection pressures. But, these extreme high temperatures and pressures can cause instantaneous breakdown of ULSD fuel into basic carbon form (black fuel).

Performance Wheels and Tires

Performance, style and function is also an important part of your ride. Let us help you make your vehicle stand out with wheels and tires that show your unique style but also keep you glued to the track. We can get any brand you are looking for such as Falken, Nitto, Pirelli, Hoosier, Toyo and Michelin.